Skin Care – Why Are Cosmetics and Makeup So Popular?

Throughout history the appeal of cosmetics has been largely influenced by fashions and advertising. ( eyelash vendors wholesale) What is popular soon fades away only to reoccur in the future. For example eye mascara was very popular in the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs and throughout the middle ages it was never seen on the eyes of women.

If a woman wore eye 3d real mink eyelashes extension or lipstick during the middle ages it would be shocking and possibly considered sinful. However, in our century it has become more popular than ever. Advertising actually dictates how skinny women should be, what clothes to wear, and what makeup to wear. This is true of cosmetics as well. In the past century cold cream was about the only thing women used on their faces. But times have been changed by advertising by encouraging women that they actually “need” a certain product to look beautiful.

Beauty and organic cosmetic products

3d real mink eyelashes extension
3d real mink eyelashes extension

When a certain woman was asked why she wore mascara, she replied that without it she would look invisible. People would say: “Look, there goes the woman with no face.” Therefore we must remember that we should not so much be influenced by what the media presents as beauty but rather examine the very definition of cosmetics. Namely: “for beautifying and promoting attractiveness.” Therefore cosmetics are something that should be used to enhance certain features and cover up less appealing features. Keeping in mind that a healthy woman will naturally look beautiful. But it will be difficult to make an unhealthy woman look beautiful. If a woman does wear 3d real mink eyelashes extension, she is confident because she wears it with dignity-adding just a touch of definition, a hint of color to enhance her natural features. If you feel, therefore that you need to wear cosmetics, try to find a good organic cosmetic.

Makeup and Mascara?

Oftentimes the biggest reason for covering up less-appealing characteristics is because of a skin ailment. Instead of trying to find a health promoting skin cream women oftentimes try to mask the flaw by covering the flaw. Sometimes this masking of the flaw will actually exacerbate the skin ailment. But would it not be wiser to try to get to the root of the problem by using a natural skin rejuvenation cream? Certainly! But the reason why women seldom find such a cream is because most cosmetic products claim to solve various skin conditions when in reality they are designed to do little if anything. A safe cosmetic with imagined results is easier to sell than investing in expensive ingredients that would take money away from an appealing container and advertising campaign. To illustrate this; most cosmetic companies invest about 2-5% of total cost in the actual product, 30% in the beautiful container, and perhaps the rest in advertising and profit. This shows that we need to pay attention to ingredients more than hype. If are discrete in this way we will be buying a product that will truly bring greater benefits, instead of imagined benefits.

What is Ayurvedic skin care?

It is a health approach from ancient India, for taking care of the body in a holistic manner. In Sri Lanka this approach is even more popular than what is known as traditional medicine in the western world. It is true that we should consider the body as a whole when choosing cosmetics. It is only logical that if you eat a little bit of something that upsets your stomach, a large amount of it will upset it even more. It is the same with what we put on our dermis topically. Our body is, and can be affected by anything we subject it to.

That is why we should be particular about all of the ingredients in a particular product. Minor constituents can be just as harmful in the long run as major ingredients. Be just as careful with the cosmetics you buy as with the 3d real mink eyelashes extension you eat. If you follow this rule of thumb, then cosmetics will be an asset to your beauty rather than a hindrance.

3d real mink eyelashes extension
3d real mink eyelashes extension

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