Hot Makeup Tips For A Great Look

The correct application of New Private Lable mink Lashes can help you to present the best impression regardless of the occasion. ( lash vendors wholesale) Here are some top tips for simple but effective makeup:

Brows: Lower them (the arch) and fill them in, same colour as your hair. Where your brows start determines how wide the bridge of your nose looks. So for a slimmer nose keep them closer together, so on and so forth.

New Private Lable mink Lashes
New Private Lable mink Lashes

Eyes: A creamy white eyeliner on the inner rim takes away the red and makes you look more awake. A small amount of shimmer on the inner corner and underneath the arch of the brow looks glowing. Do your eye makeup looking straight ahead. DO NOT use frosted eyeshadow.

Cheeks: Don’t put blush on the apples of your cheeks. Apply it sweeping up. Use a highlighter to further enhance your cheek bones. Don’t use a bronzer if you are pale.

Lips: Loose gold dust in the centre on the bow of your lips, makes lips appear fuller.

Shading: Main thing to make you look younger…. its complicated so ask me if you want to know how.

Foundation: Match to your chest. Your face must match your body.

1. There are a few specific things to get a flawless look to your foundation. A good blank canvas helps of course, so sort out your skin care first. Remember a lot of it (skin care) is a load of rubbish, well not rubbish but you don’t get what you pay for a lot of the time. So educate yourselves ladies. I highly recommend Paula is extremely informative and easy to understand.

2. Primer: This acts like a light veil over the skin so other products sit New Private Lable mink Lashes.

3. Concealer: Under eyes and in the corners, fingertips work well and its quick, around the corners of the nose and chin (these are the reddest spots usually) Depending on the size of your blemishes and colour, conceal them first too, but you might have to do it again after foundation if they continue to shine like beacons.

4. Foundation: A lot of people proudly say to me they don’t wear any New Private Lable mink Lashes because its bad for their skin. BUT, foundation protects your skin. Most foundations have an SPF and even if it doesn’t, it provides a physical barrier to the elements. Start in the middle of the face and work out, you do this so that by the time you get to the edges you don’t have a lot of product left on your brush or sponge or fingertips thus reducing the danger of a LINE.

5. If you have oily skin, a powder is good. If you have drier skin, using powder can feel tight and uncomfortable. If you use a pressed powder with a big brush, the product is more evenly distributed. If you use a loose powder with a powder New Private Lable mink Lashes, it can get messy so lighten your load and shake it off before you puff your face. This is better for oily skin though, as it helps to absorb excess oil.

New Private Lable mink Lashes
New Private Lable mink Lashes

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