Mineral Makeup – The Good, The Bad and The Not So Ugly

Minerals have been used in wholesale fake eyelash for many years, but this type of makeup has only recently been made available to a mass audience. There are many women who are excited over the prospect of mineral makeup, and it gets a lot of attention on TV.

wholesale fake eyelash
wholesale fake eyelash

Some of the minerals found in loose mineral wholesale fake eyelash types include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxides. You may also use a brand that includes other minerals as inactive ingredients, and these include boron nitrate, stearic acid, bismuth oxychloride, dimethicone and alumina.

There are other minerals that may be added, some as inactive ingredients, but true mineral makeup brands should be free from preservatives and chemicals. These minerals are pulverized and sterilized, and then they will be mixed with inorganic colorings.

Since mineral makeup is made without chemicals, it will leave the pores in your skin able to breathe more freely. The chemicals used in traditional makeup may block your pores, which can cause skin problems like rosacea, skin dryness and acne. The ingredients in mineral makeup may help to improve your skin. You can also use minerals to protect your skin against the sun and some minerals are natural anti-inflammatory agents.

When you use traditional types of wholesale fake eyelash , they may cause your face to become oilier, if it tends to be oily already. There are no oils used in mineral makeup, so they can give you a glossy look that isn’t oily at the same time.

Mineral make up also puts a glow in your skin that most traditional makeup brands don’t. Some minerals help hydrate your skin, to make your face appear more radiant, and showing a healthy glow. Fine lines and wrinkles may be much less noticeable with mineral makeup.

You can also wear mineral make-up for nearly eight full hours, even if you’re in the pool or on the boat, since it’s water-resistant. You won’t have to concern yourself with smudging makeup, either.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and mineral wholesale fake eyelash  is no different. There may be fewer choices, especially with colors, since they only use natural colorings.

In addition, there are still ingredients that may have harmful effects on your skin. Your body will react in a different way than any one other person’s, to a variety of minerals. Even if most women don’t experience allergic reactions, that doesn’t mean that you won’t. Some of the minerals that have been mentioned as irritants include mica and bismuth oxychloride. These can sometimes cause redness and itchiness. This mainly occurs in warmer climates.

The ability of mineral makeup to be water resistant can not only be beneficial, but also detrimental. Taking it off may account for more time than removing traditional makeup.

Mineral makeup in its loose form may be a bit messier than traditional makeup, as well, especially until you are more accustomed to applying it and using it.

Weighing the pros and the cons, if you are on a natural path, mineral wholesale fake eyelash may be the better makeup option for you. After you are comfortable with the application process, you will probably find that you like the clean look that you get from mineral make up.

wholesale fake eyelash
wholesale fake eyelash

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